Monday, 16 May 2011

Year of the rabbit and other owls

This is a picture before I realized that I had made a mistake and had to unpick two hearts. But they do look great. ^^ I love owls. Wonder what I am going to make them into... But I know who will get them though.

And I know, I don't particularly like yellow either, but it does look good. All three owls sharing one colour, brings the piece together and yada yada yada....

Reminds me of those three monkies with their respective hands on mouth, ears and eyes. Don't know why...

I love this. Oh so oriental. And another bunny finish;) The hanji (chinese character) means bunny.

And against all odds, I didn't have to buy more floss to finish either.

And now, since I have made three finishes (one is a birthday card and since the recipient reads my blog I cannot show it) I can oh, so slowly start something new... Need to at least finish the owls though. (But if I know myself, and I do, since I am me, I will start something new and small because these owls bore me.... I unpick almost more than I sew...)

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