Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Peter Rabbit on a pot

I have always loved the world of Beatrix Potter. I especially love Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. So my new project, is I am making a little Peter. I started on a (I think) 14 count aida, and it was much too small. So then I started again on a bigger holed one. He looks so much better.
I have always thought that Peter looks very smart in his blue jacket. And I think it could be a perfect gift to a little baby, especially if you don't know the gender. Perfect for little boys and girls, and even better for older ladies like me.

I must say I dread the backstitch, and I fear I will ruin the piece if I make my own little white french knot in the eye.
I am too ashamed to show the monkeys I made for the boyfriend, it looks so psycho with the french knots looking in different directions and one pupil looking way bigger than the other. (But now you know that I have been making things, and finishing them without showing them off).

But I do love Peter Rabbit. Or rather, I love bunnies in the whole....

Bedtime now. Maybe you will see a finish in a few days?

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