Saturday, 14 May 2011

Tadah Rabbit

It is done... Going to start looking for a frame. I LOVE him to bits. But to be honest, I did cave in and gave him a bead eye instead of french knots. Going to have to practice that sooner or later, but to be fair, I did ask several aunts and other female crafters, and none could teach me. So it is back to the books and study for me...

I did contemplate making a butterfly or something a little to the right of the picture, but decided to look for a frame first and then later figure out if it needed something more to set it looking juuust right...

I am rather impressed with myself for making a hurried finish and not start other projects and see this one to the end. You can tell I really love rabbits because most of my finishes involve a rabbit or two. And before I start the project that is on the way in the mail, I am GOING to finish at least one WIP. So there. It is official and written in stone (at least on the internet for everyone to see) And please do scold me if I show something not finishes and WIPish nee?

(And I have lots of floss left over from this project and it was done very quickly, so I think that somewhere along the line there are going to come a couple of more Peter Rabbit hopping to life)

And I must say that stitching to a dvd of Bones sure is relaxing, and it makes everything so mush easier.

And let me tell you another thing. This is golden advice from me. Get a laptop lap thing from IKEA (who is everyones best friend) it is soo much easier and more relaxing for the arms to stitch with that beneath. So there.


Hanne said...

Fin mus :-)
Jeg kan vise deg knute - stikk innom med E. en dag!

Vilje Vanilje said...

Takk! Jeg skal gjøre det:)