Monday, 3 September 2012

Come September, and this is all I have to show

 So this is how big bunny has gotten. 1,5 kilos of love:) Last sunday stupid bunny ate a part of a shoe. And it did not come out. Bunny ate same amount of hay I think as usual, but less came out of her. She was also sleeping a lot more than usual (which could be the weather).Lying in her toilet (which she never does) and letting her eyes fall back, which made her look dead. I really hate when buns do that. It was a lot of running to check on bunny for me, and she was not pleased.  We started her on Critical Care and called the vet. We got an appointment and the nice doctor felt her tummy and decided everything looked good. Thank heavens. He even showed us how to look for gas and a tummy not in good shape. Love that vet. He said that rabbit should eat Critical Care for a few more days. And here we are a few days later with a happy bun who poops like crazy and craves attention ;) I think she is safe now. But she does know how to scare us. Mind you the bite she took of the shoe was microscopical. Stupid bunny.
 On another note, we have been cuddling uncle's cats and kitten. They are so sweet. My man really looked like he was on the verge of kittynapping. But since we live in a household limited to one pet, he went home emptyhanded. Except for me;)
 Oh, yeah, and I started knitting. (I am making a big secret project) But I did finish this little thing. :) Since blankets are a pain and I never can stick to them long enough I made another children's blanket. But hey, I am now a really racer-person on knitting hearts. I made a little border out of crochet because I ran out of funky looking yarn. No matter, I am sure babies like forrest green too;)
In the background you can see my little purchase, from IKEA, a small ironing board. Small enough that you can just plunk it on the kitchen table. For us people with limited space it is just the thing! And it only cost like 39; kr. Which is practically nothing.

And that is all. But it is something I think. I have decided I will not tell you about my failed attempt on cross stitching on linen. Three times I had to unpick it! So yeah, that is mostly what I have been doing this summer, unpicking and secret projects.

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