Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My oh my, indeed

My, oh my, am I active at night. My poor bunny is a little confused about when to sleep and when to stay awake. But I think this pattern is worth it. What do you think?

Because at night I can just listen to a song on repeat and make something. (my man can not stand listening to me listening to a song more than once, even though I am wearing headphones).
I had to look at a lot of different pictures of dandelion to get the colours right.
Oh, and I have finally started to make backstitching, I just didn't feel like anything but the letters needed enhancement. I think it looks better without to be honest.

Oh, and in an inspired moment I made the bunny eat some dandelion, but I still have that chart in my scraps:P Looked too silly without backstitch, like a bunny with green lipstick.

I think at one point Mimle got fed up with not getting cuddles and trying so hard at getting me to cuddle her that she ate a hole in my pants, but doesn't matter. After all the backstitching was done, I petted her a little, so she should not complain, she was the one who decided she itched too much to continue lying still and left.

But I digress. Without further ado, here is the next pattern.

Any thoughts? I do not think I am 100% happy with it, but I can't find out why... So please help.