Sunday, 16 September 2012


Tadah, I made another chart, in honor of it being bunday and all. Today boyfriend and I have watched five episodes of DS9 (Star-Trek Deep Space 9), chugging along in the hopes that we will have conquered the series in time for the convention in October.... (As if)

This is a norwegian pun, and it is really funny. Literal translation of the writing is: Up and hop, you dawdle-cup. Haha.

We made a box and filled it with paper, we were hoping the rabbit would dig her heart out, but after a lot of coaxing she still did not approve. So we left the box. Only thing she liked about the box was taking paper out of it and leaving it on the floor. (Ignore all the clutter in the background of the picture)

Mimle is eating herbs, she loves herbs. Look at the little herb in her mouth, she eats really fast too. I didn't know rabbits were magicians. Now you see it, now you don't.