Thursday, 13 September 2012

popping in

Just popped in to say hello^^

I made this little bunny, who says hello.

As you know I have always loved rabbits, sometimes I like drawing the cartoony type and sometimes I want them to look natural and fluffy. So I wanted to make a cartoony type in Macstitch this time. I made three versions of this one, one with backstitch and shades of colour, this one, and one without the black outer layer and just in shades. But I decided to give this one away for free. 

Her name is Ainin and she is in love with a little green alien, his name is Alien.
They live on separate stars, in different worlds.
You can see a picture of them here: (The first and third picture. ) I want to someday make their story, it really wants to come out.

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