Sunday, 16 December 2012

Happy birthday to me

Sorry for not posting, but I was sick and then I forgot:P
But I have made some gifts that I can show off. (although in the form of some bad pictures)

Here is part of a gift, it is now finished, but that is indeed secret.

Bad pictures of bunny-chan, but she has been busy with the snow lately (if there were any treats in it)

My Christmas- card collection. And after this I made three more... Just one stitched card this year.

Here is one of Rhona's designs. And a book I got for my birthday

 The card I made for a birthday ^^ I can finally show it to everyone.

Sorry about all the bad pictures.
I finally caught bunny under the sofa, she loves sleeping there when I am sitting on the sofa.

 Another one of  Rhona's designs, the penguin series. I made a ornament for a little one. And as you can see I adapted the a to become a norwegian å, since his initial is an å. It is never too early to start your own collection of christmas decorations I thought when I decided all the little ones would get an ornament for Christmas.

 The  freebie bauble will come later, because boyfriend just made me some delicious omelette.

/edit/ And here they are:
Gingerbread couple:
 And hearts:

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Virpi said...

God Jul og godt Nytt År! Lovely cards. I like especially the one with the mountains and the one with the pig in it. Great stitching. That cupcake card looks delicious. And what a lovely boyfriend you have =D