Sunday, 2 December 2012

It does not take much

Todays post a bit late because I spent most of my day on the sofa sleeping off some sort of bug.

But, I made a birthday- card yesterday. After her birthday I can show off the entire card!

And I have a finish! Yay. I made the stitching about a year ago (or maybe two). But today I whipped out my sewing machine and did this. I am pleased, took me two hours I think, and guess what, I am making fewer and fewer mistakes! The back is just a darker red.
I want to make another pillow- ornament.

 And now there is only ten more presents to go!

 Look, I am making a list and checking it twice. I love making lists, and I love crossing them out. As you can see, the list in the back is for presents and the one in the front is for cards. I have made four finished presents. (most are secret so I can't show them, but I have made the Star-Trek design for boyfriend, a secret project for my mum, a secret project for my friend and todays angel-pillow)
I have made some cards, but they are not completely done so they are not checked off the list yet.

An Almost finish: Here is my first finished Christmas card, I just need to glue it and write on it. (and decide who the recipient will be)

I am contemplating making these into ornament-cards. But am still undecided.  Might turn into ornament presents;) What do you guys think?

 Here are some finished cards. I just used glitter glue and some nice coloured paper and VOILA. As my mum says: Det er så lite som skal til.... which roughly translates to " it takes so little".  I think they look good. And I can't handsew fourty cards and send. So I embroider for a select few, and make handcrafted for some, and the rest, the ones that throw their card away get the store bought ones.

I made this for myself. I love this. ^^ I made three others for friends and now I am thinking about making atleast one more for another present;) ( which is why I can only give you a peek, it's a secret)
Oh, and if you wonder why I make so many presents, it is because I celebrate christmas with a lot of people. Usually about three times per Christmas. And that tends to add into a lot of gifts. Since I prefer to give homemade gifts that is a lot of hard work.

Look at bunny. She loves her hay. While I was sleeping all day, apparently she slept right next to me on the floor. (I was on the sofa)

Another Freebie, I will show one globe each post until Christmas^^

I want to decorate for christmas now, since it is the first advent and all, but my decorations are at my mums house.... :(

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Tinkerbell said...

Gleder meg masse til å se bildene av alle gavene du har laget=D