Tuesday, 25 December 2012

So, this is Christmas

Now that the secret season is over, here are some of the gifts I made this year:

Here is boyfriends Christmas-gift. The Star-Trek design I made and Michael Dorn's autograph. 

I made this pillow for last Christmas, but I didn't finish it, this year however I did. And a good thing too, because the books I bought for my friend didn't come in time for Christmas.

I made this design, After Rhona's bookmarks in a Cross stitch (crazy?) magazine. Because I was going to give my friend (same friend as in the above text) some Sherlock Holmes books I thought this fitted and made an awesome gift, less awesome I guess without the books. You might not even know it is a bookmark without the books.

Oh, and I have new glasses. Yay. What do you think? Thank you to my mum who bought them for me.

 This was also a gift I started last year.... But didn't finish until the last minute. But it was my first crochet clothing and adjusting the granny stripe pattern into a poncho. I like it, the yarn is yummy, but sadly they have stopped making it. So atleast I have some finishes this year;)

 Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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