Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Last Christmas

The last Christmas-ornament. Made from "World of cross-stitching" number 183, with slight alterations. 

This is the last needlekeep I made, for my cousins wife.

One Needlekeep for my friend that I made with my friends in this post.

 One for my mother:
 One for me: (After this picture was taken I went a bit overboard and added a couple of more buttons:P)
 All of them. (one friend still has not opened hers, but since everyone is now talking about them and she has seen mine I let the cat out of the bag;)

I really enjoyed making them, and by the time I had gotten to the last one I felt that I had really gotten good at it;)

This week we've been woken by the bunny really early, clearly she has not heard of christmas holidays... Other than that it has been snowing all week. And tomorrow I am going to show you some of the stitching stash I got this year:) I'll give you a hint, it is something someone like me who always looses her needle has been in want of for ages, shaped like a bunny ofcourse.
And I will show you my secret skill. ;)


E2 said...

Wow! They look really pfoessional! :)

Vilje Vanilje said...

e2 Thank you:)