Friday, 28 December 2012

Oh, lucky me

My new cool stitching-stash.

Finally, after years of wishing, I got a magnetic needle-bunny.

 And, from boyfriend I got a needle cutter pendant and ring. ^^Now I can take my stitching on the plane with me!

And from my friend I got all of her leftover floss from all of her kits, about four of those! :) Guess how many cards I can make from these!

 And, from her leftover stash that is now mine, mwhahahaha, I made this bell from the same series as the one I made the other day. ( Guess who has plans to NOT make presents until thee 23rd of December next year? That would be me, so I am making a head start, I have bought a small thing for boyfriend, which was on half price sale, and now I have made these two starts! I am going to finish them like in the last post, with just filt backing and front and a little bow. )
 I felt so good about myself I made another one in the series, my cousins wife started it and I finished it. You know, when I go somewhere I always bring enough stitching for me, and if someone wants to have a go, and on more than one occasions it has turned out great. At this family- party I stitched the bell and she wanted to get back her stitching mojo, and did half the star, but then she had to go home with her kids who were getting tired and could not wait for her to make JUST-ONE-MORE-STITCH! So I came to the rescue. I am guessing that the cousin who got the first snowflake from the previous post will get this star next christmas^^ ( oh, and the aida on this one is pink too)

Oh, and it is STILL snowing, :)

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