Saturday, 2 March 2013

Sami-family chart

As you might know, I've started learning a Sami language. I've sent in the first of four assignments. So to help me remember I made this chart.

Grandfather = Addja
Grandmother = Ahkku
Father = Isit
Mother = Eadni
Son = Bardni
Daughter = Nieida

I am thinking of making a series of this. Maybe tweek this chart a bit more because I am not entirely satisfied with this one. I am using an app on the ipad so it is a lot more difficult to use than the one on the computer, but that program is temporarily out of order.....


E2 said...

How cute are they!? :D

Cheryl Armstrong said...

Good idea :) Good luck with the rest of the language. It sounds like you are enjoying it which is the main thing x