Friday, 28 June 2013

And now for something completely different.

But still vaguely familiar. It is Henry-time.

I know I have been a bit lax with my posting, so I am trying to amend that. There are a few posts that I have on my mind that I just have to write out. And since there might not be that much stitchy-stuff in those I am hoping you get your fix in this post.

There is only a little bit left on Jane Seymour's head and then I am done with another page. ^^ Very happy about that. My small goal was to finish this page by the end of the week, and I am very happy to  
have a goal that I've (nearly) accomplished. (in time) 
I like small accomplishes, in fact I measure everything in small accomplishments. Painstakingly ticked off my increasing to-do-list.  
Next week's goal is to finish Henry completely. ( not Henry as in the entire piece, but Henry as in the completion of his jacket. I am not insane enough to think that I can finish something as big as this in a week, when the other half took me six months)
In other news,  boyfriend and I have started watching Tudors together. <3

In case you have forgotten, this is how Henry and his crew will look once finished in another four months or so:P (picture borrowed from sewandso).

I am thinking that when I have completed this weeks goal I will take out dear Fred. Also, I must confess that I bought a small something. ( on sale) But, after secret project number two's completion I needed something easy and a travel-light stitch. So, for those of you familiar with it, it is a dictionary piece from "Bothy Threads".  I will not disclose which. ( Gorjuss was also from there, but this is completely different than her). And and, it is another piece stitched for an occasion, so, hence it will be remembered as Secret Project number 3.  And you will only see small peeks occasionally. And no, I have still not done ANY more threads on Secret Project Number One. But in danger of jinxing myself, there is soon another WiSP Sunday.

Bunny was having a small adventure, jumping up on our chairs and when spotted jumping down. Pretending it had not been her on that chair. Must have been some other bunny. 

When boyfriend and I went for a walk the other day, in the short interval that it was not raining we spotted this little guy. I am pretty sure he was supposed to be brown? He was rather yucky.


*Kio Valentine said...

albino snail! :o

Cheryl Armstrong said...

Oooh how cool is that little guy!? I love slugs/snails and any bugs/insects :)

Well done on your progress :) x

Vilje Vanilje said...

Kio, we found him on our way home from you ^^ He is probably snailing around somewhere near still.

Cheryl: I know, I was thinking of you when I decided to put his picture up. I am not so fond of insects or any other creepy crawlies ;)