Sunday, 23 June 2013

So, it has been a while

And while I am perfectly aware that it is WiSP Sunday here in the warren, I had no WiSPs to do... So instead I gave Henry the old dust off and persevered.

And if we pretend that we don't see the half-finished Tudor rose in the middle right of the picture I can (almost) honestly say that I am atlast halfway through! Yay. And it took me six months to do.

Now, you may wonder what happened to all of my secret WiSP-projects and think that I plain forgot I had them, but, I did tell you Secret WiSP number two was finished, and secret project number two is so utterly boring I DID plain forget. 

Lets move on shall we, and I will unveil Secret Project number two:
My dear friend got this as a present for finishing off her librarian degree. Yay you. 
Alas she is still not in frames as I of yet have not found one worthy of her (or my friend) But I will keep looking. Meanwhile I suspect little lady Gorjuss books is lying somewhere in a drawer in my friend's room sitting pretty. 

I leave you with my little lady, munching happily away on some parsley stems. Don't mind the clutter, she is in the habit of re-decorating after we have cleaned the house. ;)

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