Sunday, 30 June 2013

Today was Wisp-day

And I did do some Wisp-ing.
This little guy came out of hiding and I did some white on his dress. I am liking this project and I think it will be fun to do the couching on it. Learning a new skill makes me happy. I am hoping to finish this in time for Christmas. And even when he is just occasionally outside I think it is do-able. See, I can make long term goals too.

 Fred! I love Fred. I worked on him yesterday (after I finished the entire page on Henry that I said was my goal, yay, a goal achieved. ) and a bit today. ( Yes, I know today was Wisp-Sunday, but I am allowed to deviate a little from my plan right? ) I have done all the greens and reds on the right side of the picture. :) But I just had a realization, which is, they have been a bit skimpy with the fabric. There is at the lowest 20 holes from the end of the picture and to the end of the aida. Not that much to go on:(  I am pretty sure it is not the wrong way or that I have miscalculated when gridding him. Because every which way I turn him, there is not much to go on... I know that when finished I can sew on more fabric for when I frame him, but I just felt really miffed when I saw how little leniency I had in aligning him perfectly in the middle. Oh, well, I am sure he will look good finished anyway. Even if I have misaligned him a little bit. It is just one of those little things that bug me.

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