Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I kept smiling because I didn't want you to hate me

So it is Tuesday tunes again, and I have two songs that I like this week:) The first is in Chinese and the other in Japanese. Edit/ I found the actual music video for the Chinese one, and it has a Alice in Wonderland theme. #happy

And since this is a stitching blog, here is a little guy I've been working on:) He is worked in one strand, which I don't like, but as he was a freebie and I don't have enough spare thread I just have to live with him looking a bit faint. But if I make him again I will make sure to use two strands. :) I love somebunny to love so I am certain I will make another if someone I know will give birth to a little boy^^

And I have made the bird from WOCS 204, but I as it will be a birthday card for someone who occasionally reads my blog I will not show you a picture. (most of you know how it looks I presume  too so)
But when gifted I will maybe out it up in my cards section.

The title today is from the above song, my favorite line from it, and I really can relate to it, but other than that it has no deeper meaning for this post. 

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