Sunday, 2 June 2013

Life in black and white

Another flower I received. It was lovely. There is a butterfly somewhere inside it too. From my aunt and uncle. It was very thoughtful. The funeral is done now. But there is still lots to do.....

This morning I have been taking old pictures out of a album that my father for some reason glued in. And since we are sharing them, they needed to be taken out of the album, and that is what I have been doing today, with a little bit of stitching. I finally feel ready to tackle Henry again too, I've missed him.... Want to see some? I found a surprising amount of old pictures with animals in them. I think I found four pictures with dogs in them. I am pretty sure this first picture is of my dad... (Or perhaps a lookalike.)
I will have a chat with my uncle about whois who in the pictures, and I think he is the only one who wants copies...
 Another dog, or rather the same dog....
 Some sheep. Very interesting...
 A girl with her horse.
 I think, maybe, my grandfather. Who I never met. Certainly looks like him.
 And look, a happy couple and their cat.

I did not know the people in my fathers family were so fond of pets. Whenever I talked about my rabbits I got comments of how good rabbit stew tasted. (I did get my fair share of that from my mothers side as well though, but most of them only like animals from afar.)

Back to some stitching news right? Since that is what you lot is here for? But I have been doing what I was supposed to do, and Secret Project Number 2 is finished
and as soon as I have gifted it I will show you a picture^^ I hope she will like it.

My ornament all done. What do you guys think?

So, off to bed. There is so much left to do, that I can't do quite yet. 

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