Sunday, 13 October 2013

Colours that make me cringe

 So you might wonder what I am up to? I have been feeling a little slow and sleepy for a while so I went to the doctor and turns out I need more D-vitamin and she is going to give me some pills.
So here is to hoping I can get through the days without the need to take a nap.

I have not been stitching since my last update, but I have been hooking a bit. I now have 8 squares in my ugly looking leftover blanket;)
Even if it looks nice up close. 

The colors do not look like in this picture at all, I guess autumn is here for good when it is impossible to take good pictures even during the day. But I am using pink, white, brown, green and purple on this. The green keeps fraying but it is almost used up so I won't buy any more of that particular brand. 

I have been making my little floss-stash up to shape. And these are all of my DMC's. It is making me cringe, because I SO want to arrange them by colour and not by number but I know number is easiest when it comes to finding the right colour for the chart at hand. Seriously it is keeping me up at night but I don't think there is an alternative.... Oh, well, the pinks at least look like they belong there. I want to have boxes with all the colours in, but I know I am way off:( But I will one day, just need to get busy;)

 Oh, and just because I can, here is bunny. She is happy that we now have her grey bed out again (it is really an extra mattress folded in three, but she loves sleeping on it and leaving tufts of hay there so we have not had the heart to take it away again).

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