Monday, 28 October 2013

If this keeps up, I think I'll make it in time for christmas

I am back for a brief show off session.
Because I have a total of three finishes (although not the ornament sewing up part).
Three finishes in a week is not normal for me and if I can keep this up, I will be done in time for Christmas, even if that is always my goal, I fail..... 

 I have made another Christmas-Card, so the total is now 3/8 (I think)

And then I made a heart for someone special this Christmas:) 
I kind of screwed up a little with the sewing up part, and the next two I make I think will have felt backsides..... And ribbons.
(this is a set of three from permin)

This is another little ornament for a special little person, he will get this sewed up as a little sock and I will put some money in it for a Christmas present. I really love the sheep.

It is fall now too, and look at this pretty little leaf I found on my way to the store today. I am not really that into orangy-colours, but there is something about the season which gets me into the spirit. The Autumn spirit and not the other kind.... :)

Oh, and because I know you like it, here is a picture of bunny and a very boring toy that was only interesting the short amount of time that pellets came out of it, now that there is only hay, no interest.

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