Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hello Me

Hello says bunny as she looks upon her kingdom.
Lately she has started jumping into the sofa from one end, making me move my stitching to the other side. Then she moves to where my stitching is so I have to move my stuff again. She will then leave the premises, I get just a small visitation from my little queen as she thinks is fitting.
And if I want cuddles, I have to move to floor. And she will not lick me, I am way beneath her. Even if I flatten myself so she towers over me.
But I do love my little royalist.

Yes, I did start something, but it is a present, and I am waiting for some more stash to continue on my road to having all the presents done in time for Christmas. I fear I will fail. As I usually do, but no worries, people always get something, if not homemade, so I am generally happy.
And I was sick again this week and needed something easy to do, and this was it.

Doesn't she look like a doll? And to my horror I realized there are about thirty french knots in her bonnet. Guess I better start practicing, or look for white beads. :P
So that was my little update. 
We finished the bridge one too. 

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