Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Why not? In the end it is my life

Another A-sided single for ℃-ute. I am really impressed with their music-videoes lately, seems like they get a decent budget. 
To be honest, I have only listened to both songs a couple of times, first time I listened to both was from a 
live version and then I preferred the latter. Because I loved the dance and the chorus seemed fun, but now the other song with 
it's "Why Not" is something I have taken a liken to. Both lyrics is fun and seem like something girls that age are worried about? 
Wish the last song (Love is more innovating) had a different costume, I HATE those boots, 
they should have given them the same boots as the white ones from Morning Musume's "Wagamama ki no mama ai no JOKE". 
These just look painful to move in.
I understand that they are supposed to look like they are in the army with those clothes, but please, when 
did the army sew on that much white accessorizing? But I like the shoulders with their little upping pads.
Also, the caps look fun, and everyone is wearing one and not just the "masculine" ones (shorthaired).

Oh, and both are shot on location, this really is a rebirth for Hello!Project. 
Now, if only the other bands get a little attention and not only MM and Cute.

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