Wednesday, 30 October 2013

That is Okai, I am Okai.

So here is my Merry Christmas failure hearts.... I might just cut my losses and accept that I suck at sewing something up and do something else and easier. It is not always easy figuring things out on my own. But I want to persevere and progress. I want to make something that people will like and use and love. But I sort of know I am not quite there yet. I wish I was good at something, but I guess I just human after all, and like most people have no real talents. :) Thats okai. I'll just be me, boring little me. And since I am only making for my family and friends I am sure they'll like it a little and because I gave it to them hang it somewhere on the three, in the back. But that is okai too.

1 comment:

*Kio Valentine said...

You do have talents.
The things you make are more than acceptable and practice will make perfect.

Stop being so mean to yourself, you're hurting my friend(you).