Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bunny and Blanket

Bunny is molting AGAIN, and feeling poorly AGAIN. She eats and we are monitoring if something comes out the other end, but so far nothing…. I am giving it another hour before I call and get an appointment. Stupid bunny. I comb and comb and she molts and molts. At the moment she is hiding under the sofa, but she just ate some alfalfa hay.

But in other happy news, I have finished my blanket! And yesterday I took some pictures outside.

There is one more row of white on the border than on the pictures.

I quite like it, even if my attempt at complete random placing of the squares failed and I ended up with a  
pattern, so then I went with it and made more patterns. It fits one person. (at least one in my family since we are not tall people). 

Measurements will follow.

And to finish here are some pictures of bunny yesterday when she was feeling happy.

Even if she looked a bit funny.


RC Rabbit said...

Ringo is molting too, I've been calling him a cranky old man. Love your blanket, the purples are so pretty. I can't do "random" placements either, I feel your pain.

Vilje Vanilje said...

Luckily just after I made all the arrangements, getting a vet appointment, getting a lift and all, bunny went and pooped. Yay, so we are staying inside after all. She'll get some more appetizing hay and herbs and another combing. Stupid bunny.

Thank you, I am so happy that is is actually finished, I so loved making it, that I am thinking about buying yarn to make another one in other colours. Sadly, the dark purple is discontinued.

I think my mind makes patterns even when I try hard not to. At least that is my excuse;)

sooz - said...

I love your blanket, the colours are so pretty! :) (I can't do random colour placements either!)