Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter Vacation

And what am I doing?  I am reading, so far I've read two e-books and two paper books. I've read one book from the library called "Hvorfor hopper jeg" by Naoki Higashida and one I borrowed from my friend called "kongens merke" by Erling Pedersen. I liked both books, but I have no idea what book to start now. None of them seem to call out to me, so I guess I  will just have to pick one at random. 

I have been doing some crafting as well, and eating of candy. Mimle is mostly sleeping under the sofa as I am in the doghouse because I cleaned her glands yesterday and washed her eye as she had something in it… She seems better today, but has started to molt AGAIN. So I guess I have to spend some time combing her as well. Boyfriend is at a wedding in England, I hope he buys me something! I have so many things on my list that I would love to get from the UK. 

Since bunny is mad at me there will be no picture of her today, I doubt she would agree to pose, we would only get a snapshot of a blob under the sofa in bad lightning that could just as well be a dust bunny as a real one. But I will be back, she can't stay mad at me forever, I have already tried to bribe her with so many treats today….

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