Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Uh-ee it is Tuesday again and I am naughty again

My new favorite group and my new favorite song.
I know I am weird and thus I listen to weird songs, but that is ok. 
Korean is much more difficult than Japanese, I can hardly follow the lyrics even when I have them in latin letters in front of me. But I will learn those lyrics one day they sound like so much fun!

And I really should take a day and sew in those buttons that have fallen of various clothes so that they become usable again…. But I'd rather be naughty and start something new. I got some yarn from my friends again that they inherited. I am such an yarnoholic and stasher.

Here is the only picture you will see of this until January 2015. Because it is another Christmas present.  Yes I am currently crocheting three Christmas presents and I am adamantly ignoring the more pressing matter of a March birthday and said birthday gift crochet start:P

And those little snowflakes will one day turn into something bigger and presently turn into a present, or rather three.

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