Sunday, 6 April 2014

My exchange gift

As Easter is one of my favorite holidays (you may guess it is because of the bunnies  and if so you are entirely correct.) I love getting and sending and making Easter themed items (because of the bunnies) and so I joined an exchange. Here is the lovely card Hollybunny made for me. (Isn't that the most perfect handle? It has bunnies in it!)
The design is from the latest Cross Stitch Cardshop number 95, there were so many fabulous designs in that magazine (with so many bunnies).

Anyway. Boyfriend and I were at a party yesterday, so today is a slow kind of day. With only a bit of laundry done and the rest of the day spent in the sofa watching TV and crocheting. I still have not finished my Crochet Blanket, but I am getting there, the end is in sight. Only five more squares to go!
Even bunny is chilling today, and I understand completely with her redecorating frenzy in the past couple of days. 

And yes, I had just finished vacuuming, apparently it was too clean. But thankfully, it is only the area on the side of the sofa near the bookcase where demolition and bunstruction happens, so I am content with letting her have her fun a few days before cleaning. No one can see it unless they are inside the living room or on the sofa. (unless they see my blog). Might be time to vacuum again today, she got a new cardboard box from the store yesterday so I won't feel bad when I take her leftover sticks away. (Yes, the entire tunnel is destroyed). Mimle says she wants a new one for a house warming gift, thank you;)


YowlYY said...

Beautiful cross stitching, but the prize for the best pictures go to Mimle, she's the cutest bunny :D
I love her bunstruction, she's a truly skilled bun and would be getting a job on any demolition know, just in case you needed extra money and she was asked to chime in ;-)

Vilje Vanilje said...

Yes, maybe I should put her to work? But if I do I will be entirely by myself all day when boyfriend is at work. I think I would rather have her home and demolishing some card board boxes… She really is great company when she is in the mood. :)