Saturday, 3 May 2014


My new favorite chocolates, all with licorice. :) The first one is from Iceland and it is divine. 
I do decree that I will have this chocolate every weekend until forever it is soo good. I got my mother hooked on it too, I think.

Mimle is not very impressed, she prefers crisps over chocolate, and ate some yesterday when they fell on the floor. Ooops. Then we vacuumed to make sure all the crisps were gone, and she found another wooden-toy to demolish.

So now it looks like this. Again...

And since this IS the year of the blankets this little beauty has resurfaced and I am now on my third row and third pink colour. Here is the pattern I am using, and I am using some Helen Novita yarn I bought years ago. (it is now discontinued, which is why this blanket was so slow going I had no idea how to make it with the limited balls of yarn I had at my disposal, luckily I found some more yarn, but not in the same pink so it will be a three tone pink thing with a purple and grey border I think, but we will see when I am done.)

And I am knitting. It is not much, but I hope I can turn it into something, I just need to reach 35 cm and then someone has to teach me how to do decreasing….

Oh, and my letter was published in the latest Cross Stitch Card Shop! So I will get a prize one day. :) Lucky me!

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