Monday, 12 May 2014

Here I am, meet Bear too!

My cousin found this picture of me and my bear from when I was tiny. How adorable is that dress! I so want one to wear now! Anyway, my bear looks so unrecognizable, no bandage, no crooked nose and head almost falling off. He is so brown and FURRY. Now he looks well loved and unfortunately after a small camping accident still smells burnt under his bandage.

Here is what Bear looks like now, he is a bit ashamed of his burnt arm and hides it under my current crochet blanket.
Which is now on it's fourth repeat. The lightest shade of pink is almost used up, but I still have enough to make one row of the dark and maybe two more of the first pink. And then I will add a border. I think I might have enough of that lightest shade of pink to make the first row of the border, but we will see…
Then there is my knitting blanket. I like just making aimless squares and sewing them together, so much fun, and easy to do when your brain is asleep. 
Last picture is me with my stitching bug returned. I was stitching this with a deadline, but since that date has past quite some time ago I can do this piece in my own pace, which suits me better I think!

My stitching bug is in fact so much returned that I started something new, I know, I know, shame on me, but I am so close to finishing that card that another start is ok right?? And it is yet another present, this time I will make a small tote bag, which I will give to someone for Christmas I think… (this one is pre made, but I might just whip out my sewing machine to make the rest, because tote bags are ridiculously difficult to come by here. ) If I succeed in my plan. You see, my plan it to stitch all the way through the bag, and when I have finished with the cross-stitch I will remove the aida and all that will be left will hopefully be the stitches…. I am planning to make tote bags to be used for crafting to some of my crafting friends or family and add some small crafting essentials. What do you think of my plan?

We have been going through things at my dads place since it got sold but it needs to be cleaned and emptied for the new owner. So last weekend we went through some of his things and threw away so much stuff that he accumulated that just did not work anymore. We found four old vaccum-cleaners that did not work, six lamps that did not work, two coffee machines that did not work and lots of small electrics that did not work… We had to take two trips with the car! And still there are more electronic items inside the flat that is old and almost unusable. I have no idea why he felt it was necessary to keep all that stuff that was broken, I doubt he could fix them, so why not get rid of them?
It is a lot of work, and we are still no where near finished. Next time we will throw away all his old paint-containers and painting gear, we have to do it when the recycling station is open though.
It is rather exhausting, but we did find some small gems, but I will show you those when all the things are inside our new flat I think for a show and tell. Four knitted sweaters were found just fyi. ;)

Bunny says hi, she claims she has been poorly neglected these past few days. She never gets any cuddles, hardly any treats, and not nearly enough fresh hay. She is about to form a formal complaint and send to the police so I better get on with the head scratching. She is sitting on the mat next to me giving me the stink eye.

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