Friday, 23 May 2014

Not rocking my boat

So I got out this little beauty the other day because sadly I made a mistake and I put her on hiatus, her hiatus took over a year, shame on me. So anyway, I took her out, found the mistake, redid the entire rocking horse wooden under section, made my way up from the front legs all the way over to the back legs, and I am missing one stitch. By one stitch it is not adding up:/ I re-counted the top of the rocking horse and it seems in order, so I guess there was a mistake I either redid or failed to spot when I frogged the entire under section of that stupid horse and started again. Anyway, I am not doing that under thing again for a while now, I think I am just going to do the horse properly with backlogs and all and maybe I can spot the deviant….

But yay, for stitching bug being back!
Here is a picture of bunny and boyfriend. Bunny is feeling a bit left out and under-petted so she is taking matters in her own paws and demanding cuddles the old fashioned way. By jumping into someones lap and refusing to go before she is saturated in the cuddle department.

Oh, and netflix was down a lot today, so I did the dishes, went into the garden and brought back edibles for bunny and cross stitching. I should wash some clothes too, but right now, I am on dinner duty.

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