Thursday, 15 May 2014

Something new which is old found on an adventure

My friend and I went on an adventure. First we joined ranks at my place and walked from there to the bus. We had no idea when the bus was scheduled to departure but we knew it would leave every thirty minutes, but we were not in a hurry. So we leisurely strolled down to the bus stop where we saw that the bus had just passed. So we waited, however suddenly we realized that we were waiting on the wrong side of the road, we were not going into town this time but rather into the countryside. We hurriedly ran under the road and to the other side, looking at the bus chart we saw that the bus should have left four minutes ago. A bit miffed we started checking our smart phones to see if the bus was late but while we were checking the app we saw the bus coming. We did have a little luck all in all. So we joyfully entered the bus but the joy did not last, because this bus takes another route than the one I am used to so we had to ask the bus driver to let us off on the correct stopping place, we did not know the name, just that it would be near the church. Somehow we must have looked rather sombre because the bus driver asked us if we were going to a funeral. Which we were not I might add. We were going on an adventure.

We did get off at the right stop and walked down to a market. We looked at furniture and second hand small items and this is what we bought.
A small heart plate, I want to put little tea candles on it.
Some lovely little bunnies to put in my flowers (since I never actually manage to make them flower they need some sort of prettifying. 
Lastly some cross stitch fabric and floss and all with only 35 NOK. I must say that was a bargain.

Then we ventured down some steps and into the furniture department. If you remember, this is where I used to work and paint old furniture. They have used furniture that they haven't done anything with too not just used painted furniture.
But I found this! I have looked so long for something like this. A small stool, and inside there is lots of room for my current knitting/crochet Wip, with all the yarn needed. Perfect! And when visitors arrive they can sit on it too. As you can see, my friend and I used it while waiting for the bus, after we ate a hamburger at the market. While we were waiting for the bus might I add it started raining, but not that much, it only started pouring after we were securely on the bus.

It was light and easy to carry home, but we did take the small bus almost all the way home.

I will do something about it because the cover is a bit dirty. But I haven't decided what yet. I can make a new cover, or I can crochet something on top of this one. We will see, I will not make my decision until we've moved, I need to see how it will appear in our new flat. :)

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