Sunday, 25 May 2014

Rocking Horse and bunny

Yes, I am still chugging along on this, whilst we are packing out of two flats, going to finish the horse's head first, then go backwards and see if I can manage around that pesky mistake on the wooden rocking bit… I hate when I make a mistake like that because for me things always have to be perfect, there is no almost, at least if I am going to keep it for myself because I will always know there is a mistake in something however small, but my recipients will not...

I do love how I divided the backstitch and did the bunny right after finishing that portion, the backstitching seem less daunting now, and the bunny looks fabulous! 

We are running low on hay, we are buying tomorrow, but just in case to make the hay we do have left last longer we went outside to fill up Mimle's tummy. We have given her a little piece of dandelion and grass for a few days now. Plus we found a branch. Too bad it is birch, which is what we think I am allergic too so my nose and head feel as if they are falling off. But bunny loves eating the leaves and killing the branch. I am thinking I need to get my botanical skill up to speed so that we can forage more.

- Om nom nom says bunny.

-Finished, moar pleawse.

Since we are moving this summer we might not have the time to dry dandelion and nettles…. Bunny is going to be so sad :/ My wallet too.


YowlYY said...

That's funny...we're allergic to the same stuff! Birch pollen is what I'm allergic too (with a vengeance) but agree that buns love the leaves and the bark!

Vilje Vanilje said...

The leaves are a definite favorite here:) But my goal this year is to be able to find one more thing to pick outside to add to her diet… :P

And tomorrow I am harvesting some nettles for drying. I was not going to dry anything this year since we are moving but when I see the abundance in the yard it feels like such a vast not too….