Saturday, 15 November 2014

A present in November

But my birthday isn't for another month!

This was a gift for the buns and me, and Valmin has his birthday this month;)

I was going outside and checked our mailbox and inside were a note from our postman! I didn't have time to pick up the parcel from the postoffice because I was on my way to my mothers, so I told boyfriend he had to pick it up for me. He did and it was waiting for me when I got home from my mother's. 

I couldn't wait even if it was in the middle of the night, I had to open it. Mimle was exited too. It was from an online friend, we agreed to send each other and the buns a small parcel, but then I was in the middle of moving house and stuff and it took ages before any of us had the time. 

Mimle and Valmin got so much! Mimle tried to eat through the plastic so I had to give her some pellets while I opened something up for consumption.

Valmin came too when he heard the sound of crunching.

THere were Lofties, dried dandelion, dried apple tree leaves, something called Supreme Fibrafirst for rabbits, (which they were unsure of, but then Valmin ate both Mimles and his and begged for more), and Woodlands rabbit herbal forage. They got spoiled rotten! 

I was spoiled too! I got a Belle and Boo pencil,  two cross-stitch magazines! One of them with lots of Belle and Boo and the other with Christmas designs, so I have no excuse now and need to make some Christmas cards;) And then finally some chocolate, one with pineapple and coconut and the other with some nuts and vanilla. ( my online name has vanilla in it, which I am sure she remembered). Swapping is so much FUN! 
Too bad she might wait for a while, because even though I sent her parcel on Halloween it has still not gotten to the UK, the tracking says they sent the gift to the US... Strange, I have sent the postalservice an email so I hope it eventually gets where it is supposed to....

Mimle is checking to see if Valmin is eating something different and better than her, but he is not, they are eating the same. Mimle stole Valmins piece anyway. But then Valmin ate her bit and begged for more and got some too since he is so stinking cute.

Thank you for a wonderful gift:D 
We are all so grateful and happy!

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