Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Speaking of Romance, I miss you Ok.

This time I have some songs to show. Both C-ute and Crayon Pop are one of my all time favorite groups that still exists that is, and since Berryz Koubou is making their last single, I should include them too, but they are not in my top five group list, maybe top ten. But they are still enjoyable. I will miss Momochi, Risako and the background girls.

It is here!
And I LOVE this song by Cute. The music video is rather fun too, seems the company is experimenting with cute's songs and videos now.

What do you think?

My favorite twins from Crayon Pop has formed a sub-unit and made this awesome song. I had to buy the mini album right away. This reminds me of the crazy antics of W. I so wish W would come back, but Way and Choa are cute and funny and fills my sugar level to reasonable heights. I love this kind of sugary up-beat songs, I hope someone will always make such happy little tunes.

I love their dresses. And the song sound so Christmassy, it is nice to listen to Christmassy songs and making gifts without trying to get into the Christmas spirit because it is still pouring here and Christmas needs snow. Anyway, I am happy Momo is without her musubis and Risako looks and sounds great. I like the fu fu white romance and wow wows. To think they used to be background dancers to W. 

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