Sunday, 16 November 2014

My old room in pink

This weekend I was visiting my mother and we continued to make my old room a little bit cozier. This time we painted the wall bright pink, last time we painted my old daybed grey and my mother's old desk got another coat of a bit darker pink, similar to the one it had, but it needed some touch up.

The Tinkerbell poster reminds me of when I was seventeen I think, my friends both loved Tinkerbell, so I liked having that poster on the wall, and it fits so nicely with the new decor too. Boyfriend keeps saying it looks like a six year old lives there, but I keep saying it is not quite done yet, plus sometimes it is nice to cater to the six year old in your heart I think.

My mother and I both love a plant called heather so we used that as basis for this room. If we find some nice plastic plants of that we will put them somewhere for decorations. We did some decluttering and reorganizing too.
Last time I was there we bought the cutest little grey rug, but I didn't snap any photos of that. Speaking of photos, these were taken in the evening but with boyfriends wonderful mobilephonecamera. I love his camera, I think I need a new one myself... 

This is my old doll house that my father made, for some years it has been used as shelves and needs some TLC. Next time I visit we will tackle this, I am not quite sure how to paint it, I still want the outside to be white, but am contemplating making the back wall on the inside the dark pink we used on moms desk, but I am not sure....

Both my mother and I like to reuse something and instead of buying something new rather fixing it up if we can. Who says a doll house has to contain dolls?

There are so many memories here, my brother's old ghostbusters car, old kitty-wine bottles from when my friends and I first tried wine. A memorial-plate I made of my late bunny in school, the old clock that hasn't work in twenty years, but my grandmother gave it to me, I still want some of those memories to sit in my old doll house, but I need the rest to find somewhere else to live.

My dad also made this bookcase, I like it, but it would have been even more useful if it was taller... I am not sure how to paint this either, grey or white with pink on backside again maybe? Any ideas? I have two of these, but am unsure if two is too much in that room or not....

The other furniture in this room are two boring white wardrobes, but they are functional I guess, so we are leaving them as is. And we might set in my mother's old doll vugge. Currently it is upstairs for decorations with my old dolls in them. It is in some dark blue colour so it needs to change colour to work in this room, but I don't know what colour would fit.... Maybe a contrast colour would be nice?

Oh, and on our way home we almost ran over Mr. Fox, but I saw him and yelled so boyfriend had time to slow down and wait for him to run across the road. On the other side he sat down and peered at us... Foxes are funny things!

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