Thursday, 27 November 2014

Foxes and Owls

I adore this fox! This was from the magazine (Enjoy Cross Stitch Xmas 14) I got from my swap-partner and I had been eyeing it for weeks without feeling like we had the money, and this fox in particular made me wish I could splurge to get it. Funny how life works out;)
Anyway, some years I made these as cards with writing on the back and some as just plain gifts....
Maybe I will do a little of both this year. This fox is saying it would be cool to give with a scarf for someone, so I guess I have to make yet another scarf, since I have an idea who to give this to.

I adapted this design a little with adding "Merry Christmas" in Norwegian. I know someone who loves owls as well as some who love foxes. But I think this will just be a card, but not sure....

There were more designs in the magazine that I want to make, more foxes and owls and a bunny to boot. We will see how much I have time for, I think I might not have time to cross stitch any cards this year... Sadly.

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