Friday, 21 November 2014

Bunny Coasters for Bunny People

Since the recipient has received her gift I can show you what I included for her amidst all the yarn and bunny treats/toys and chocolate.

I think this one is my favorite out of all the bunny coasters I have done. I used variegated thread and tried to make it so that the white was on the bunny's chest and on one ear. I think it looks cute.

This still hasn't reached it's owner sadly, posten is saying that it is still in the US when I clearly stated it to be sent to the UK... But I have hopes. If it never gets there I might have to make another one;)
I love the shape of this particular bunny, I think running rabbits look awesome. Valmin not included because he has this thumping sound when he runs that make him look so much less dignified. Hilarious  sound. Thump, thump. Mimle is the dainty little (maybe not so little, she is getting more than legally plump). thing that she is and looks graceful when running, I think it might help that she has uppity ears that stay up whereas Valmins ears flop up and down.

Today I am expecting company, and I really need to clean the house a bit more.... Who knows, maybe I will find the missing Christmas Presents. 
(that is the downside of making gifts in January, you have 11 months to loose them, usually I know where they are, but with the moving, some presents are clearly not in the box marked "Christmas Present"...) Oh well, I still have time to make another I guess....

Yesterday I finished another present. All with vintage yarn.

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