Thursday, 4 December 2014

December Swap Parcel

My package finally arrived, wet and battered. But thankfully everything inside was fine.
I got a pencil, hand cream, a toy, two strawberry tea's, christmas socks, a welsh magnet, a giant strawberry clip, bunny Mouseloft Cross Stitch kit (I didn't have this one yet) licorice and yarn! I love the yarn, it is variegated and I wonder what I am going to make. Maybe mittens or hand warmers as they are in wool! And a small ball

The bunnies got three fun balls, burgess pellets and a treat stick with cranberry I think it was. They loved it :) That is one of the fun things with international swaps you get things you never heard of. I got German Yarn, dutch candy and a Welsh slate magnet.

One ball is already almost dead, and the paper everything was wrapped in is also living on the edge. 

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