Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Our redesigned furniture

Want to see some things I have painted since we moved in?

This dresser lives in our hallway, the light blueish colour is the same we used for the walls in our bedroom. This is the bunnyroom, with the HOL on the side with their toilet and haystation.
The last owner left this in the storageroom and after some paint I think it looks good. Yes, I haven't painted the feet yet:p

This was another used item we found cheap, the same grey but we bought some black because the counter tops in the kitchen is black so I thought it would look nice and matching. The other bureau was from dads house, boyfriend has cut it so that it is the same height as the other and we will put doors on it and paint it the same as the other one. I think that will look good.
Mimle looks so adorable here that I had to use this shot even if you can see all the clutter around it.

A closeup. It looks better now without the clutter.

This chest was from dads place, I painted that one too because the paintjob on it was looking very shabby. The same grey as on the other furniture because we have an open landscape like flat and when you use too many different colours it might look crowded.

Guess what I store in here?

Yes, most of my yarn!

I took them all out of their bags so that you can see how much there is, and most was yarn given to me.

I like the colours here, our flat is not just grey, but since I have so many colourful things I think grey is a colour that is nice to use on large things that will hang around all year because it fits with everything. 

If I had painted these dressers pink, it would look awful at Christmas with all the red...
And boyfriend is not that into pink, so it is easier to just get many small pink items that he won't notice than try to get permission to paint something big pink ;)

This is between the kitchen and sitting room, behind the dressers is the sofa, and on the sides are the compost fence to keep the bunnies safe from all the electric wires not yet fixed... But they are allowed short burst in the sitting room now and again, very supervised that is;)

And I do have some splashes of colour, like grandma's old chair with the pink grannysquare-blanket.

But boyfriend lives here too and even if he is not adversed to colours after all he chose the colour in our bedroom, for some reason he does not want that much pink or colourful splurges...
Good thing for me that I got to go all out and make my old room at my mothers place colourful.

I might put my old dollhouse where the IKEA shelving unit is now, what do you think? Because I want to make this a reading corner...

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