Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Last Presents

This Year

My cousin came home from London and I made these wrist warmers for her, I found the pattern in Simple Crochet magazine (issue 11 I think) that I got from boyfriend for Christmas. They are purple and grey and very soft, she said she loved them so I am happy, I want to make a pair for me too.
Photo curtesy by Matt, because my phone hates taking pictures in the dark.

I surprised my friend by making her a teapot cover for Christmas, she and her sister also got a crochet scarf that I forgot to take pictures of. This yarn was embroidery yarn left over from my grandmother, aunt and boyfriends grandmother... The pot was bought at Søstrene Grene. I made the entire thing in one go one night a few weeks ago while watching Roswell on Netflix. I had fun making this, I hope the tea stays warm because it is wool. Old itchy wool.

I bought this table runner at a local second hand store, it was halfway done, so I finished it and gave it to my uncle for Christmas, there was one started and one not started in the bag and I paid next to nothing, but I know my uncle was happy about getting it even if I hadn't made the entire thing myself...

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