Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Happy Birthday to me

I got this fake flower for my birthday by my aunt. Since it is poisonous to bunnies I prefer the plastic to the real one. Not that the real ones survive more than a few days at my house. I don't exactly have green fingers, but it is a flower that gives lots of Christmas feeling?

Oh, and another Christmas gift is finished. I love making these little table cloths. And when you make them small the recipient have more choices on what table to use them on.

I made another table cloth today but that is blocking so I will show you that another day.

My family said my waffles were almost at good as grandma's, I am happy. That is one of my goals in life, to make great waffles. :D

Happy Birthday to me.

An old summer picture of Mimle

Valmin the adventorous

Mimle drinking

Valmin is wondering what I am doing


RC Rabbit (Bunny) said...

Happy Birthday! Another way we are long lost sisters- my birthday is today!

Vilje Vanilje said...

Wow! Amazing how much we have in common. Hope you had a lovely birthday, did you get nosebumps from the bunnies and cake?