Monday, 22 December 2014

Last Minute gifts

Did I mention I got lots of leftover yarn from my aunt at my birthday party? Inside were two skeins of this yarn, the grey orange yarn turned into pink at the end so I used the pink that turned into purple yarn to finish the table cloth and I like it. I have no idea what yarn this is because they were the only yarns in the bag without the tag with them. My aunt is really good with details and having things in order, all the yarns that were the same where in the same plastic bag with labels with them. I wish I was as good when I stashed my yarn, saving the label.

Some of my birthday cards, and the swap card. I love them, they are currently on the bureau I painted which I showed you last time. Looking at them makes me really happy. :)
Sorry for the bad pictures, but boyfriends camera is somewhere else and my mobile takes bad pictures when there is no light.

Oh, and another last minute gift, I made these last night, watching Star Trek the original series, boyfriend does not want to start rewatching Star Trek with me, so I started on my own. Two coasters, one in the TNG font and Picards catch frase, the other I tried to do in the Voyager font, but it was too difficult so I just did my own font. I wish the red one was a bit more in the middle than it is, but I think they turned out ok. As they are I think they are good gifts for the nerdy couple.

I need to buy more coasters, making them is so much fun, and they are useful, which is a bit difficult sometimes to make cross stitch into, useful items I mean.

Oh, and there is snow now, so I am getting into the Christmas Spirit.

Remember not to get them wet though.
Given with some tea or coffee this would be a great gift. I wonder if there are any more Star Trek related beverage sayings...

Only two more gifts to go and one day to make them. One of my gifts I have given up on, (not my fault  the recipient asked for the gift two weeks ago only) so I will just gift the yarn and tell them I will make it asap. 
Oh, and I just got the best Christmas gift. My inheritance. Yay me, all done.

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