Saturday, 29 August 2015


Or rather I want to share this excitement


 Bunnies say hello, I haven't  featured them in a while on my blog and they are feeling a little under-appreciated. That may be because they have been constantly molting all summer, Mimle has gone from shedding from her head and in stages all the way down and is now currently to the patch just above her tail. Paws crossed the end is near and she doesn't start all over again. It is after all almost fall so the winter-fur needs to be in place soon! Phew. I am glad I am not a bunny.
Valmin is shedding all over, he is generally an all over the place bunny so it fits.

So what is new with me? Not much, the dress is assembled, almost all yarn-ends have been sewn in, the frill is done. I am contemplating how best to make a few rounds around the armholes, the three rows in the pattern make the previous rows all scrunch up and I can't seem to get the right tension, so I might just do something else entirely. And then there is the last five rows on the bottom, ironing, stretching and then I am sewing on some frills I think, and then there will be a tadah.

These flowers were found at gosyo, but drops has a lot of free flower patterns too.

Another tadah that is on the steps is my flowers. I am thinking of making the ones in the bouquet in the softer hues and using the ones in darker shades as decorations, but I might change my mind. Boyfriend and I bought some beads, fabric and glue to assemble everything with later.

I made some new leaves, the colours are not completely accurate, it is a soft sort of pistachio colour, that I think goes great with the soft pinks and purple of the current layout of the bouquet.

Also I just remembered I need a smaller bouquet for my friend and boyfriend and his friend
needs a corsage of some kind, but I bought the essentials for that too.
I am not so sure these flowers are more cheap than real flowers anymore, but they are certainly more fun!

And they'll last forever too.
Like us.

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