Monday, 31 August 2015

Nineteen more days

I am glad the bunnies are relaxing, because there has been some frantic activity these past few days here, but it has resulted in some progress at least, so that is good. Even if the vacuuming is being neglected...

My dress is sooo close to being finished, I have nineteen more days to go.
And if I don't finish the ornaments I don't care, I could always just spread the leftover crochet flowers over the tables instead.

Boyfriends corsage is finished, and then his friend has to have one too, but I only need to assemble that one... I am thinking to sew a paperclip to the back to pin it in place in boyfriends chest pocket, but I need to buy some paperclips first because those somehow got lost in our move.


But the things that are left are less frantic and more enjoyable now, because I have finished a lot and the rest are not essential to the day just add ons and I still have nineteen days to finish.
So I am good.


Virpi said...

Oh, I can't believe I won =). Could you send your e-mail to my e-mail so I'll send you my address. I have lost all earlier e-mails so I didn't find your e-mail address anymore. My e-mail is Tusen takk! =D

Vilje Vanilje said...

Congratulations, you had great odds this time;) I thought you wanted the first prize, but you can choose another if you like;)

It is a good thing you didn't send me an email to the old address because I lost it;)
But I will send you the gift on Thursday I think :)

I am having another giveaway in a couple of weeks when my blogoversary is, so you get another chance to win then.