Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Første Desember

I love Christmas, one of the reasons I love Christmas is all the traditions. Usually people like to change things around, I don't, I like to do things the same all the time, but at Christmas everybody agrees that they will do things like last year, like every year, James.

When I was little I got these cheap advent calendars of chocolate, so I still do, I love the feel of that awful chocolate in the mornings, they feel so stolen and childhood-like. 
When I was a teenager my aunt started buying my mum and me lottery ticket advent calendars, and she still does, only now M gets one too. I love tradition, and I have won a tiny bit of money from them before, which makes it a gift that keeps giving.
 Boyfriend gets a Finnish Scout Christmas calendar from his family so that is a tradition now too, it doesn't really do anything, but the pictures are always cute and Christmas-like, so I guess it helps to get one into the spirit of things...
And new this year is this tea calendar, I bought it half off last year to start this year, and so far I am loving it. Much more healthy than chocolate, but equally fun. M also borrowed an advent calendar book that we are going to read each day. (Jostein Gaarder, Julemysteriet, which I know some of my friends have as one of their traditions, I wonder if this too will turn into a tradition?)

Something that I hope will turn into a tradition is me finishing things, my mother just like me, have a bit of Start-itis where starting new things become too alluring and finishing things gets forgotten. The socks I found in her treasure chest almost done I quickly finished them and then mine as well. 
Yay me...

I still have three hats to make before Christmas, and I need to get a move on, things are going very slowly these days because my fingers are really hurting, my wrists, elbows, knees and shoulders are hurting a bit too, but it is the fingers that hinders me to do anything, but it gets better further into the day, so in the evenings I can craft a bit. I find it weird that they seem to hurt on both sides, usually when I have crafted too much it is just the right side that hurts...
So maybe I will start tomorrow with a chocolate, my new tea of the day and reading "Julemysteriet" until my hands are more mobile. Holding tea seem to help a bit too.

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