Saturday, 6 August 2016

H!P news and thinking

These past few months have been hard for Hello!Project fans, girl after girl graduating and I do feel a bit sad that now that I will finally see a concert some of my favorite girls from the past years have graduated and I don't really like anyone in angerme anymore now that both Meimi and Kanon are gone. My favourite in C-ute (Chisato but Airi is a close second) won't participate in the concert since she just had throat surgery so I won't see her either and I have loved C-ute since the beginning, Berryz disbanded before I could see them, I almost went to France when they had that concert but I couldn't. Same for Buono. So I do feel a bit sad. Now my favourite in Country girls after Momoko graduated (and my first favourite girl left quite early too so I had to find a number two favorite). But there isn't all bad news. Buono is back!
Buono was epic, I loved their songs and the girls are just perfection, their return concert is the day after we leave so we couldn't go to it which made me really sad, but now they are releasing another single! Which makes me happy because I think maybe that means they will continue and perhaps come to Europe again, if they do I am SO going, I will not miss out on another H!P group in Europe no matter if I like them or not, and Buono! I L O V E!

Here is their official statement from their Youtube account and you can tell they are as psyched as most fans are.

And the new songs sound awesome! I love Airi's last line in - So La Shi Do 
~ NeeNee  it is chilling but Rock no Seichi sounds good too and it is apparently an answer to Rock no Kamisama seems like I have to wait until 21st of September which is so long before I can get this single... I am not the best waiter.
I hope Miyabi's new unit will be good, they will sing in the Buono concert, oh how I wish I could go, but they are sold out already it seems.
Also seems like they have a band again. ^^ I like that.

Picture taken from Hello!Project.
Love their clothes, although I might prefer the casual one.

I will look forward to it! 
And I hope there will be more songs and news because H!P needs some cheerful news and not just girls leaving and newbies joining.

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