Tuesday, 30 August 2016

~Tuesday Tunes ~ Rainbow and Sunshine and shopping

It is Tuesday again, and I want to show a song from the concert I actually loved, they sang a lot of new songs that I had never heard before.
Like Tsubaki Factory and their new song Hitorijime, Counrty girls with Dou datte ii no and Juice=Juice with Keep on Joshou Shikou!! and Dream Road~ Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru.
None of these have been released as singles yet and I don't think I have a clear favourite, but both Juice=Juice songs are growing on me and Dou datte iii no seems a lot of fun but we will see.

But I can tell you that I really liked all of them, although none of the songs stayed on my mind after the concert, there were so many other brain worming songs in both concerts. Like Summer Reggae! Rainbow, Maji Bomber, Dot bikini, Hatsukoi Cider, Goodbye Natsuo, Ora wa ninkimono, Boogie Woogie Love, Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru, Crazy Kanzen na Otona, Genkimono de ikou, Utakata Saturday Night, Itoshikutte Gomen ne and Samba Kobushi Janeiro which all left me humming the next few days, but I do remember trying to dance to Dream Road~ Kokoro ga Odaridashiteru using my glowstick with various results.... It was fun! The concert hall was much smaller than I thought, and everyone stood by their seats for the entire concert which started at the dot of announced time, I LOVE Japanese concerts, why everything can't start when they said they would is beyond me and really stupid. Can you see the small disco ball in the ceiling? Even though our seats where not the best we saw everything. From C-ute's disbandment message to Masaki not being able to sit still to Makoto's mushroom hairdo. I would love to see another concert later.

We went to the Nakano Sun Plaza concerts on Saturday the 20th and Sunday 21st of August. In blazing sun we stood outside in the cue for goods where a nice Japanese Wota helped me to buy my stash... On day one we saw Sunshine parade just the two of us, and on day two on Rainbow Carnival, our friend Miss Felt came too. She hasn't been a fan in years so it was nice that some really old songs were sung in that concert. And I finally saw the dance of Shanimuni Paradise live, that dance is ridiculous. Mister M loves it since it is so dumb. And I saw C-ute do Momoiro Sparkling which made me happy. I would so L O V E to see them in concert, they have such great songs and on stage personality that a joint concert can't really express. Since they will be disbanding in 10 months I don't have much time, but that would be a dream come true.

Tsubaki Factory with Hitorijime. 
I have shown this song already, but none of the others are out yet and I do so love this song.

I bought a lot of fan stash in Japan. We not only went to the concerts, but the Hello!Project store and Tower Records where I could see their autographs and their section of albums and DVD's. I must confess I bought some a lot.

A Hello!Project t-shirt I sported on concert day number two and two towels of my current favourite groups. I also bought a C-ute wrist thing. Mister M borrowed one of my towels for the concerts.
And we had glowsticks, I do somewhat regret not buying a C-ute one, but the generic one is fine, it sparkles.

I bought a C-ute towel with their faces since this is their last H!P tour, a Sato Masaki cloth and picture, and a gacha gacha where I "won" the picture of Angerme Kamikokuryo Moe, I think, and since I have somewhat not loved them since both my favourites left I am thinking this means she will be my new favourite...

At the H!P store I bought a C-ute bag, umbrella, Country girls pin, Buono scrunchie and a cell phone thing not in the picture. Since I spent som much money I got all the small pictures for free. Japan is big on the "gifts" you get for buying stuff. So I got Masaki, Duu, all of C-ute and Momoko. And I bought Kobushi Factory last single since one of those songs where not on iTunes and C-ute last album and six Concert DvD's where two of them where double so I kind of got eight for the price of six. 

I could have bought so much more but we worried a little about the suitcase space. We may have bought 18 kilos of omiyage and treats. But Mister M bought lots of manga, so it was not all me.

The bunnies are true C-ute fans I think, they came running and plonked down on my t-shirt the second I was done displaying it on the floor. 

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