Friday, 5 August 2016

Painted Finishes

It is Friday again and Mister M has finally started his vacation so this post comes a bit late, but better late than never. This week I want to show my finished painted doll cradle which is about fifty years old that I recently got from my mother. 

Here it is in our house and as you can see the colour is a bit dark and faded and my mother and I agreed it needed a new colour.

I have started using it for yarn, and here is the haul from this summer. Drops had a sale, first on wool and then on cotton, but now I might have enough for a while. Maybe:P
Some of these balls belong to *Kio and gacha stitches.

So here it is finished, with a very light purple, I think it might have benefitted with a bit more colour and a bit less white in it, but I still like it. When alone it looks white, but put it next to some purple or white and you see that it is indeed purple.

And my stash has decidedly decreased. Although I must confess not all of the yarn has been used yet, I have used about ten balls and given *Kio around ten that was hers.

What do you think about the colour?

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