Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Tuesday Tunes More Anticipation

More songs they will sing at the concert!

Hitorijime by Tsubaki Factory.
This song will be in the concert and sung by these members, this song is brand new. Another Tsunku song and it shows, I really like this song, the music video looks like it has gotten some money spent on it too and I like it a lot, the manga like section really makes the video. And I love the clothes, they fit the song perfectly. I must confess I haven't looked all that much at this group but I think I might now.

There is this time-machine slot where they sing songs from the year some members where born and those songs alternate so that they might not be sung, and so far there are songs from 1999, 2000 and 2001, and I like one song from each so I am happy with whatever year they choose. They might even sing newer time machine songs I guess. 

Since I am pretty sure I have shown the I wish song by Morning Musume before here is the heartbreaking version from Tsui and Kago's graduation.
I L O V E this song!
TsujixKago have been my all time favourite idols and this song has been on my playlist for years.
The lyrics to this song are also lovely, Kago's last line is awesome, I can't believe how they sing this whilst crying.

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