Sunday, 28 August 2016

Tadaima~ Honey I am home!

Here was the bunnies before we left, all lovey-dovey and sharing their food in peace.
The bunny sitter came and spoiled them rotten and gave us pictures and piece of mind which was great and helped us have fun on our trip.
Which we did.
I am thinking of doing some posts to talk about what we did that was fun and share some fun snaps.

I wanted to start off since it is bun day and all to show off some of the bunny things we bought.
There are a lot of bunny things in Japan, so we bought a lot of traditional looking rabbit and the moon things in Kyoto.
A fan
Bento fabric
A mirror
Two coasters in fabric
Chopstick-holders (these were not traditional jumping over the moon bunnies)
And some stamps. (We also bought a stamp of a matsuri but I will show that in a later post)
GachaGacha bunnies
Post it of a bunny
A lovely bag
And at the airport I bought a bunny umbrella that can be attached to a bag.

I don't think I bought any rabbit things in Tokyo come to think of it... (other than in Disneyland but I think those will be for the Disney-land post.) but I did buy lots of other things.

Here are some snaps that the bunny-sitter kindly sent us. ^^

And here we are back with the bunnies, we have been home a few days now and are still not done washing the clothes, but the bunnies don't seem to mind.
Except now both their and our daily-rhythm is off, I am up earlier and their siesta is earlier too...

Mimle gave me a small tentative lick yesterday so I am happy even though I see mostly their butts and them hiding. I think they might be a bit miffed with us being gone for so long even though they were excellently taken care of.

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